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The Labeled Ones [entries|friends|calendar]
We're labeled and we don't care.

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promotime... [31 Mar 2007|07:26pm]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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stamped//pierced [20 Jul 2006|09:37pm]

[ mood | blank ]

i pierced my nose on both sidesCollapse )

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been a long time since i rock and rolled (sorry text only) [02 Jun 2006|03:21pm]

Sorry for being inactive lately. Looks like I'm pretty much going to have to go on hiatus for the summer. from my communities and possibly LJ altogether. Online class, full-time job, stuck in dial-up hell... all of this equals up to just no fun. I'll be back as soon as I can, though! And I can honestly say this is the first ratings community that I'm going to miss! Y'all are a lot of fun.
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Stamped // Dork . Pics [13 May 2006|03:12pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I'm home from college and it's sooooooo good to be back. Why? Because my girl Roxanne, that's why!

1 PictureCollapse )

I took many, many more pictures of her, and she makes the funniest faces sometimes...
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Stamped//Dork//Pics [12 May 2006|03:35pm]

I got bored, so I decided to take pictures. Enjoy.

Five under ze cut.Collapse )
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Stamped\\Emo [02 May 2006|06:11pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

On the 20th of April my best friend had her Sweet 16 birthday party so I have pictures. I also have a picture from when me and my other best friend, Annette hung out. Then I have two other picture from my friend Aneta's Sweet 16 party I went to on Saturday. The theme for that one was cowgirls, so we all had to dress up as cowgirls. It was a fun night.
+105Collapse )

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i thought i'd get to work [08 May 2006|03:25pm]

[ mood | creative ]

three is a start, ne?Collapse )

so, whatcha think?

the art is from here which is the site i will prolly use!

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Mod Update! [08 May 2006|07:15am]

Hey everyone...just updating to inform you all of what's going on at the moment.

o1: All inactive members have been removed from the community. Of course everyone who was removed is welcome to re-join and be labeled again, I just deleted everyone who didn't reply to the post doll071 made.

o2: If you've noticed the User Info, you'll see that The Labeled Ones is CLOSED for the time being while we re-vamp everything. This means new layout, new banners, everything! If anyone would like to volenteer their madd graphic-making skillz to the community, comment here and let me know what you have in mind. Please, only comment to THIS ENTRY, do not make any new posts until the community re-opens.

o3: Seeing as we are cleaning the place up for the sake of staying active, All formerly rejected members may re-apply. All themes we've done in the past are now an option to do again as well.

o4: All affiliates were removed. If you would like your community, graphics journal, writing journal, rotation journal or anything else to be affiliates with The Labeled Ones, please go here.

I'd like to thank all the members here who have been active, even while I wasn't. ^^; there were about 24-25 of you who replied to Doll's post, and when the community opens again I want to give you guys the option to re-apply for a new label. So if you don't like yours, or think it doesn't suit you anymore, you get the chance to try again.

So while we're fixing up the place, if you have any ideas or suggestions for making this community as active and as fun as it used to be, please feel free to comment IN THIS POST and tell me all about it. =)

This includes but is not limited to:

Theme Suggestions
Ideas for contests (as well as ideas for prizes)
Ideas for what to do now that we don't have the Labels page anymore (it was messy and unorganized, so I got rid of it. Now we need something new to explain each label)
Or anything else you think might be good for the community.

Thanks for all your help, and for bearing with us while we make this place all rad and stuff again!

Your Mod/Maintainy person,

Oh oh! Before I forget...it's come to my attention that we are in need of 1 new mod! Apply at this post if you think you'd make a good moderator. We need someone who can uphold the rules, stamp members when they are accepted or rejected, and someone who is online enough to keep up with a community that get updated pretty often (when we're not dying =/).
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Label me!! [25 Apr 2006|03:35pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

applicationCollapse )

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[25 Apr 2006|02:33am]

I wasn't ever properly labeled, so I'm not sure if I should be posting.. but, if I could get a final say from one of the mods, I would greatly appreciate it! I've been putting off labeling and being active due to this, and sorry if this doesn't deserve it's own post.. but, didn't know what else to do..

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Label Me!! [24 Apr 2006|11:22pm]

[ mood | curious ]

applicationCollapse )

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Label me!! [24 Apr 2006|07:56pm]
[ mood | tired ]

This application needs your love...Collapse )

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label me [24 Apr 2006|04:14pm]

Read more...Collapse )
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[24 Apr 2006|04:55pm]

Well, I've been labeled.
I set out what I intended to do.
Now that my curiousity has been satisfied, I have no need for this community
Now I'll let you all back to your judgemental=ness
Have fun?

stamped // pictures!! [24 Apr 2006|01:44pm]

[ mood | bored ]

at a loss for words.Collapse )

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Label Me [23 Apr 2006|11:25pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Haha, I HATE labels :}

So I suppose you'd call me a hypocrite for posting in this community.
But I was just curious to see what the labeling world would classify yours truly as.

Label me if you pleaseCollapse )

I'll probably leave after seeing what people think of me.
Unless a brave soul can convince me why a labeling community is worth staying in.

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STAMPED // pics [22 Apr 2006|11:12pm]

[ mood | tired ]

new hurrCollapse )

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[22 Apr 2006|02:56pm]

PromoteCollapse )
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Label Me [22 Apr 2006|10:21am]

applicationCollapse )
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[20 Apr 2006|04:58pm]


id REALLY like those boots, i have 60 dollers rased.

at first i wanted doc's but i cant find any that are even worth my time.

when i get them ill try to take some pictures, mabye ill have my mohawk back by then :]
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