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The Labeled Ones

*Insert Label Here*

We're labeled and we don't care.
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About The Labeled Ones

We are currently in the process of being re-vamped. No new applications are being accepted at this moment, and all unactive members are being removed. If you would like to re-join the community, feel free to post an application when we open again.

The Labeled Ones is a community for labeling. No, wait, I'm not done! I know alot of people out there absolutely hate labels. Well, this community isn't for them. This is a community for people who don't mind being labeled, or at least tolerate it. Even if you just want to see what you would be labeled just for fun, this is the community for you. We judge on personality, looks and most of all, the way you present yourself to everyone, so if you like to be very judgmental on first impressions, this is also the community for you.

About The Labels & Labeling

Labeling people is something that most don't face until Junior High and High School. It's when your peers look at the way you dress and act, and decide what you are. A few examples of some common labels are goth, punk, raver, geek, prep, emo...the list goes on and on. Labeling is basically a way to identify a certain type of person by their differences, and group them together with another similiar person. There is nothing technically wrong with it, it's human nature to want to put a name to something you don't understand.

Now that you know all that, go join!


For Accepted Members:

1. Be active. This is the most important. You can post pictures, stuff about bands you like, or whatever you want. Just be active.
2. Community promos ARE allowed, but they MUST BE UNDER A CUT.
3. You CAN vote on people based on the music they like, the way they dress, and their opinions. Be as superficial as you'd like.
4. Do not vote based on grammatical, spelling, or typographical errors. We all make mistakes, and those mistakes don't make you anymore 'goth' or 'punk'. Now if it's really horrible, i.e. netspeak, "gangsta" talk, things like that, well then do what you must.
5. Please put your vote in the subject line, or bold it in the comment. It makes it a whole hell of alot easier for the mods, and if you don't your vote most likely will not be counted.
6. When you vote, if you vote yes, then also label that person. If you think they sounded emo, label them eno. If goth, label them goth. You get what I mean. In the end the most of one label decides which accepted banner they get. If you vote no, don't worry about labeling.>
7. Be nice to each other. You don't have to be very nice to applicants, but at least try to keep some type of peace with each other.
8. You have 24(TWENTY-FOUR) hours to vote on new appl. So don't bitch if you didn't get a chance to vote.
9. If your leaving tell us. Be sure to tell us your label so we can take you off of the members list also.

Rules For Applicants
Failure to follow some of these rules may result in immediate rejection. Especially #7!

1.You MUST be 14 years of age to be accepted. That mean you've passed 14 birthdays. You'll be 14 next week? Come back and apply next week then. Tomorrow is your birthday? You'd better wait until tomorrow then.
2.Once you join, you have 3 days (72 hours) to fill out the application. If you don't, you'll be banned.
3. Fill out the application and post it UNDER AN LJ-CUT. Don't know how? <lj-cut text="CUT TITLE">TEXT HERE</lj-cut>.
4. Pretty colors rock. Doing something to make your application look different is way more pleasing to the eye then the boring old black an white...however neon colors on white is rather painful to the eye, and might result in annoyed voters. (And please try not to screw with the bolded questions, unless you know what you're doing.)
5. YES You Must Get Accepted Before You Are Labeled Properly. Why? Because those are the rules.
6. DO NOT comment on any other applications, or post anything in the community, until you get stamped. Doing so will get you automatically banned.
7. When replying to comments on your own application, CLEAR THE SUBJECT LINE before you post it. This makes your votes 10 times easier to count up, without having to search through all the "re:YES"s and such.
8. Don't be rude with the voters. If someone votes no, oh well. Don't argue with them, if you do it's more likely you'll only get more no's. Accepted members have the right to be as rude as they'd like with you, because they are accepted, and you are not.
9.You have 24 hours to collect votes. Then the votes and labels will be counted and majority rules. So if you have 4 yes and 5 no's, you've been rejected. If 6 people call you pop-punk and only 4 call you punk, you get labeled pop-punk. Get it?
10. when applying, put "Label me!!" in the subject line so that I know you read ALL the rules.
11. If you get rejected you can try again, but if you are rejected again, you can't try again. Please put "One more time?" in the subject line if you are re-applying, so we can tell. If you don't, we will warn you, and if you don't fix it, you will be banned.
12. Be HONEST. We want to judge YOU on YOU, not on the stuff you made up.

How To Join

  • Go to the user info, read the rules, then go to the top and clicky on where it says "To join community, click here".
  • Join.
  • Copy the application, fill it out properly, then post it in this community like you would make a post in any normal community.
  • Wait for everyone to vote.

  • The Application

    Feel free to add any other html, as long as we can actually read the application. (When answering the questions, type after the "</b>".)

    Theme Of The Week

    None right now. Anyone have an idea?


    Promotion is a very important part of a community.
    This is why we now have Promo banners!

    If you are a member of this community, you NEED to promote.


    Your mods- RESPECT THEM OR DIE!!
    ipukeglitter- Felix/Niki
    1 Position open! Apply within.

    The Mods are elite, and have the right to reject and ban people if you annoy the fuck out of one of them. I'd suggest you kiss ass like a motherfucker to them, and try fucking hard as hell not to piss them off.



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